Fresh Collective New World - Foodstuffs North Island

Facing increased competition and changing customer needs, Foodstuffs North Island had to think smart, think small, and create a small format store that could represent the next generation of food retailing.

Enter Fresh Collective, a fresh take on a food retail experience. The New World sub-brand that is focused on delivering fresh meals for everyone, everyday. An accessible yet premium feeling eclectic brand that makes customers want to stay a while.

I was fortunate enough to be involved in the final interior design stages of this small format supermarket. Multiple Fresh Collective stores are currently being implemented throughout Auckland where I held a large creative role. This involved engaging with internal stakeholders a
nd store operators, determining adequate materials, fixtures and extensive use of AutoCAD, Revit and Adobe CS to create the retail store layout and fit-out design development.
Professional work in collaboration with Designworks.